Columbia, MO makes the headlines

Oct 7, 02:06 AM

For those of you not from around here, Columbia, MO has a serious monkey problem. In fact, our monkey is so vicious it made the Report. Check it out.

"Monkey on the Lam" movie on Steven Colbert

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I love this story for so many reasons, but mostly because a friend of mine had seen said monkey crawl over the top of the car in front of him while he was sitting in traffic. We, of course, told him he was full of it and questioned his sobriety at the time. His vindication & others' pain is now public domain amusement.

Oh yes: my daughter is now officially freaking out now that this monkey will somehow get into the house and bite her in her sleep. I wish it would (get in the house): we've got three cats and a high-strung dog. That'd be the last b&e that simian would ever pull.

Filthy little creature.

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