I'm all Textpattern now

Nov 15, 10:22 PM

As I’d mentioned earlier, I was pretty fed up with my crappy little homegrown CMS-wannabe. I’m not even making it accessible any more. The commenting frameworked I’d rigged attracted link spam like gnats to a sweaty face, and frankly I was too disheartened to prevent them. (‘Still getting “hits” to those nonexistent comment pages, actually.)

So I made the switch to Textpattern. Why, you ask? Well to be frank, WordPress and the more-web2.0-than-thou fan-stink just seems elitist, and it’s really more than I’d ever want for a dorky little site like this. Ditto Drupal (which in my opinion is just aching to be WordPress) – although their documentation and support equals or exceeds WordPress. Again: it seems to have more than I’d ever want, but isn’t flexible (and simple) enough for me to just poke around and try things. XOOPS was right out, as the learning curve and planning-overhead involved isn’t a great fit for someone as busy as yours truly. I have a life, and while I don’t mind learning new things, I want to get paid if I’m going the kind of time and attention that these systems involved. I just want a blog that I can tack stuff onto.

Which brings me to Textpattern (known henceforth as Txp for the sake of my carpals). One thing that Txp had going for it over most of the others was that setup was nearly instantaneous and – barring user silliness – foolproof. I literally had it running within a minute of downloading it. The results speak for themselves, I think. I’m very happy with their selection of features and the support of the Textpattern community. Sure it has its problems, but they’re interesting problems, at least. And if I really get a wild hair about any of them, I can just write a plugin.

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