new domain, other changes a-comin'

Feb 1, 09:54 PM

Fred G. Sanford, my idol

I finally retired my old domain, Long may it live. The new one, obviously, is

Why, you ask?

Several reasons, none of them particularly good. First and foremost, I go by “Garvin”. Oh, I have other nicknames, but that’s the one I actually pay attention to.

Most importantly, though, is that Garvin G. Garvin is sort of an alias. I’m also thinking of having my name legally changed to it. I like the ring of it, especially the vestigial middle initial. It’s all Fred G. “for Georgeous” Sanford.

Oh, but that’s not all

Along with the domain name, I grow weary of the look of this site. I’m glad I made the switch to Textpattern, but having done so just made me rather loath the way this thing looks. It’s not bad, just kind of dated & out of it. And this must not be.

So I’ll give you peeks and updates as I mosey along in my new design. It’ll probably be a few months in coming, as I’m in no particular rush. Time will tell.

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