So I kinda like Twitter

Apr 21, 11:14 AM

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As you can see, I’m not by any means a regular blogger. I just don’t have that much to say about [stuff] that I care to cast in digital stone. To both paraphrase and mangle Ralph Waldo Emerson, my opinions are like the cells of my body: constantly in a state of flux. And like my body, although there’s plenty going on inside, the outside appears (relatively) the same.

Wow, that sounds pretty pretentious.

Which is to say that I don’t want the me of today to be held to the utterances of the me of yesterday. If I wanted that, I’d write a book. Or rather, I’d publish the book I’ve written. Working title: “Huh?”

Digression over.

Twitter – although terminally cute & hip & decidedly web2.0-ey – is the perfect solution for people like me (and we are legion) who want to throw shout-outs to the masses, but can’t be bothered to sit down and think about how we want to say it.

Another thing I like about Twitter is it’s decidedly post-literate. That whole capitalization & punctuation thing is so 20th century, dude. Thankfully, I’ve witnessed no leetspeak to date.

Join the sweaty, texting masses. I ain’t no fanboy, but I like it. Next passing fancy: Sched.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog. Really nice blog you got here. Oh, and I like Twitter too!

    myspace design · Jun 24, 08:54 AM · #

  2. Thanks! I’ve been a bad Twittermonkey: hardly any updates. But I monitor all of my favorite nerds on there frequently.

    It’s a mixed bag: part vent, part trend, part actually information. Sometimes all of the above at once, as with the Silverback debut. (TMI!) Lots of nerd bellyaching and chest-thumping.

    Garvin · Jul 30, 03:50 PM · #


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