Google throws its weight around, only more so, with Chrome

Jan 21, 08:58 AM

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Well, I guess I’m excited. Google has inserted itself into the browser wars with Chrome. They’re making some huge claims (from a nitpicky webnerd and JavaScript programming point of view), so if nothing else I’ll be interested in seeing how well they follow through. It’s eye-catching press release features: privacy privacy privacy, anti-hack/-phish(/-hish?) blacklist and “omnibox” features, multithreading, running different tabs in a sandbox, and hyper-fast JavaScript.

Download it (if you can – it was unavailable as of noon my time) here. Good luck downloading it behind a firewall.

Since it’s open source, will everyone benefit? Let us pray. Or Slashdot.

9/12/08 Update

still no love if you’re behind a firewall

Google persists in using their stupid distribution scheme for installing Chrome. People are still experiencing problems trying to install behind a firewall.

1/21/08 Update

love ensues

Some nice people at Googly finally decided to offer a standalone version. Bad news is it won’t update.

6/18/09 Update

they got it

Chrome is now a managed download, so everything works fine. Thanks, Google!

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