How to get specific submitted feeds' statuses with Amazon AWS and the GetFeedsSubmissionList

Aug 9, 02:58 PM

So I’ve been working a lot with Amazon MWS lately. Amazon obviously made a better than usual effort at documenting their API, but very often the simplest task is the most difficult to figure out. This is one of those times.

In this case I needed/wanted to get the status of several submitted feeds in one GetFeedsSubmissionList call. You won’t find an example of how to do this in their documentation or in the Samples sub-directory of the PHP client library I used. The phpDocumentor comments in the library are helpful occasionally, but not in this situation.

After some gnashing of teeth I figured out you can do this by passing an array of FeedSubmissionIds in the associative array you pass to the MarketplaceWebService_Model_GetFeedSubmissionListRequest constructor, e.g.:

  $parameters = array (
    'Merchant' => MERCHANT_ID, 
    'FeedSubmissionIdList' => array(
      'Id' => array([FeedSubmissionIdList 1], ... [FeedSubmissionIdList n]),

 $request = new MarketplaceWebService_Model_GetFeedSubmissionListRequest($parameters);

So I’m putting it out there to save someone else the time it takes to figure this out. I put this on their forum, too. Only time can tell which Google favors/is most visible.

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